Ezra & Dyamond | Engagements in the Uintahs

These two get married in the mountains on Saturday and I’m so stoked to celebrate with them as their photographer and long time friend! I’ve known Ezra since we were infants, and his grandpa even officiated my parents’ wedding.

Ezra and Dyamond let me third wheel with them in the Uintahs, and our experience was complete with mountain cow friends and fly fishing (for those of you who know Ezra then obvs there was fishing cause what else would he do during his engagement session).

So excited that they have each other in their lives now and I’m happily prepping to party (ahem I mean work) with them this weekend; bring on the taco bar and dancing!

Natalie in the City

How glad am I that on a random Monday morning I posted a model call to do this shoot? So so so so glad. Natalie and I hit it off immediately and bonded over these super rad edgy bridals. It was hotter and brighter than the sun, but so insanely worth it.

I even made the bouquet! I’m helping one of my best friends with florals for her wedding, and I put my skills to the test the night before for a trial run. I’m definitely no florist (AKA the reason why you won’t see any close ups on the bouquet hahaha I’m still learning) but I feel pretty proud for just being a photographer.

Also that leather jacket? I’m in love. Zara + hand painted flowers will have my heart forever. This dress was an impulsive purchase from VICI dolls online, and I love the girly lace paired with the more masculine leather jacket and shoes.