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I have become really good at keeping my business life and personal life separate on social media, but I'm realizing that all my posts with the most engagement and responses are about me and Nic! So here I am, doing an introductory blog post, and I feel like a fraud blogger wife. So please forgive me if you're only here for pretty images of pretty people, but if you're at all interested in me as a person then read on!

I grew up in Utah and I feel really fortunate to have a really awesome variety of mountains, desert, and city. I always thought I was for sure only a mountain girl, but after moving to a more downtown area in Salt Lake City (which is so tiny that I don't know if I can really call it a city, but it's what we've got) I love bustling streets and farmers markets and the fact that we have rentable electric scooters on every corner! So now I'm a self proclaimed mountain and city lover. Also Nic (my husband, if you're late to the game) and I feel slightly more obligated to go out, so I actually have more use for the cute clothes in my closet instead of the sweats and old shirts that I live in at home. 

I was able to quit my job and go full time as a wedding photographer in April of 2017 and it's been such an amazing way of helping support our little family (Nic + our pup Nala). Nic and I do 70 hours a month of volunteer work, so it's such a dream to be my own boss and set my own schedule. Why should any of that matter to you? My priority in life is definitely not to get rich - it's to support us while we take on things that are more important to us. I don't see my clients as a number or dollar sign, I see them as what allows me to live the life I love and I'm eternally grateful to any of you who choose to work with me. 

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Wanna book a shoot? Or even grab coffee or drinks and just chat? Hit me up here. 

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