Flo and Parker | Mountain Anniversary Session

Flo and Parker reached out to me last spring for engagements and bridals and we definitely clicked instantly. I am forever grateful for clients like these (they've referred so many of their cute friends to me!) and I was so excited to get to shoot them again for their first anniversary!

Parker served an LDS mission in Chile which is where Nic is from, so we chatted about mate and choripán and every other Chilean thing you can think of. These two have me laughing so much every time we work together. Parker's one condition for their engagements last year was that they had to do some photos of them drinking mate. His condition for bridals was that there had to be a butt grabbing shot (did I mention that he broke his arm and had a cast for bridals?). This year whenever I told him to whisper something in Flo's ear and make her laugh, he said "tacos." So yeah, pretty great stuff. 

Also, this location is one of my favorites for sessions! Giant pines? Check. Cute little wildflowers? Check. River? Check. Super cool and giant dead tree? Check. Moose that sometimes chase photographers? Check. (personally I haven't experienced this but there are some pretty terrifying videos on Facebook)

Anyways, enjoy!

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