Natalie in the City

How glad am I that on a random Monday morning I posted a model call to do this shoot? So so so so glad. Natalie and I hit it off immediately and bonded over these super rad edgy bridals. It was hotter and brighter than the sun, but so insanely worth it.

I even made the bouquet! I’m helping one of my best friends with florals for her wedding, and I put my skills to the test the night before for a trial run. I’m definitely no florist (AKA the reason why you won’t see any close ups on the bouquet hahaha I’m still learning) but I feel pretty proud for just being a photographer.

Also that leather jacket? I’m in love. Zara + hand painted flowers will have my heart forever. This dress was an impulsive purchase from VICI dolls online, and I love the girly lace paired with the more masculine leather jacket and shoes.

Zandra Barriga1 Comment