Location Guide


Great Salt Lake

A minimal and simplistic favorite located near the Great Saltair concert venue. This location is great for modern engagements and bridals. The Great Salt Lake state park located less than 5 minutes away also has amazing views and a rock wall.

When to Shoot: Year Round

Things to Know: Bugs can be bad in the spring and summer months so be sure to bring bug spray. Dogs are allowed. It’s also quite a walk so I recommend bringing extra shoes in case the sand is muddy or flooded in spots.


Ensign Peak

Zandra Barriga Photo - Adriana and Christian Spring Engagements_0005.jpg
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Zandra Barriga Photo - Adriana and Christian Spring Engagements_0010.jpg

A hillside location above the Capitol Building in SLC. Spring brings gorgeous yellow wildflowers. In summer it’s a great option for green rolling hills and city views.

When to Shoot: Late Spring - Fall

Things to Know: It’s a well trafficked trail that can be pretty steep. It’s quite short, but I’d recommend bringing a change of shoes if you’re planning on wearing heels. Dogs are allowed. There can be snakes in the warmer months so as it gets warmer I recommend staying on the trails rather than shooting in the grass.


Big Cottonwood Canyon

A favorite mountain location. Options include Storm Mountain, Jordan Pines, and Silver Lake.

When to Shoot: Summer - Winter. Avoid in the spring as the snow doesn’t tend to melt until May or June.

Things to Know: This is a favorite spot for many Utah photographers, so all the locations can be a bit busy, especially on weekends. Dogs are not allowed anywhere in the canyon. For fall colors I recommend shooting early in the fall - generally the first week or two of October. Roads can be bad in the winter, so I generally suggest having a backup location in case it snows.


Utah Capitol Building

A timeless location for romantic and classic engagements and bridals. There are options to shoot outside, inside the building, as well as in the greenery across the street at Memory Grove.

When To Shoot: Year Round. Cherry blossoms bloom sometime during the first two weeks of April and disappear quickly.

Things to Know: This is a very busy location when the blossoms are in bloom and parking can be almost impossible, so allow extra time. Dogs are allowed.


Tunnel Springs Park

A spring favorite as it’s the first area to turn green in the spring. This location offers green rolling hills, a wheat field, and gorgeous tree groves.

When to Shoot: Spring & Fall

Things to Know: Summer brings rattlesnakes, so I generally avoid this area in the warm summer months. There are random spots of wildflowers during the spring.


Studio Sessions

Studios are a great option for shoots during summer and winter, inclement weather, or if you’re worried about your dress getting dirty. There are many studios located between Ogden and Provo with multiple options for colored walls and styled spaces.

When to Shoot: Year Round, that’s the point!

Things to Know: Studio Fees are generally between $50-100 per hour, and some require a 2 hour minimum.


Downtown SLC

I absolutely love downtown SLC sessions. There are so many spots to choose from, and it’s so fun to just explore! I have a few go to locations, but I’m always up for meeting at your favorite spot and just walking around for a few blocks. Downtown has large colored walls, murals, rooftop locations, greenery, and cool architecture and storefronts.

When to Shoot: Year Round.

Things to Know: Depending on the spot we choose, the streets can be busy. I love combining downtown sessions with an activity - going to a coffee shop, record store, riding your motorcycle, grabbing drinks, walking your dog etc.


Little Sahara Recreation Area

Little Sahara is a unique sand dune location that is 2 hours from SLC. This is such a great spot for adventurous engagements and bridals.

When to Shoot: Spring - Fall

Things to Know: $18 fee to enter, and $75 travel fee to carpool with you from SLC. There is a little abandoned town prior to entering the sand dunes that is fun to spend part of your session at.


Provo Canyon

Provo Canyon is another great mountain location. I generally only shoot at an open field area past Vivian Park with gorgeous canyon views.

When to Shoot: Late Spring - Fall.

Things to Know: The location requires a short walk up a dirt road.


Southern Utah

Zandra Barriga Photo - Dayana and Tom Arches National Park Engagements_0009.jpg

If I could choose my favorite location to shoot in Utah - it’s definitely Southern Utah. Zion NP, Arches, and Dead Horse Point all offer such unique and gorgeous views, and they will forever be my favorite for adventurous sessions.

When to Shoot: Year Round.

Things to Know: Travel fees - $150 to carpool with you, $250 to meet you there. Most of the parks also have entrance fees. Red rock mud stains can also be a little harder to get out of wedding dresses, so keep that in mind if we’re going at a wetter time of year or if you won’t have time to dry clean your dress before your wedding.


Other Locations

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